Why Buying Cheap Virgin Hair Isn't Always Good

I’m  going to talk about why buying really inexpensive hair may not always be a good thing. Just because it may seem like you're getting a deal you may actually be getting the short end of the stick. Many companies sell hair really cheap because they know that  their hair isn't worth much.

I know seeing specials like *GET $99 BUNDLES WITH FRONTAL NOW!!!* seems enticing but in reality they are giving you a cheap deal because they don't have TOP QUALITY hair. And I know what most people may think:

Why would I pay more for hair when I can buy hair really cheap from a million different companies?

 I'll tell you why. Hair should actually be an investment. Yes, I said it. INVESTMENT! I know that word may sound expensive but its the only word that fits. You actually waste more money buying hair that's low quality then buying hair that you actually invested in. 

Ex. Low Quality Hair  22",24",26"= $110

How can you beat that right? Easy, this hair will feel GREAT when you first receive it. It may even take color well but it will have NO  LONGEVITY. The hair will begin to tangle when you install/wash it and by the time you take it out it will be time to throw it away. 

So you spent $110 on hair for a month or even 6 weeks and now its in the trash or not even really worth reusing. So now you have to purchase more hair.

Ex. Great Quality Hair from My CEO Lifestyle 18+: 22",24",26"= $235 

Okay not bad but compared to the Low Quality Hair it may seem a bit pricey. BUT:

  • the hair will feel EXCELLENT when you first receive it
  • it will be able to be worn 1 year+ with proper care
  • can be re-worn and washed multiple and will only get better
  • the hair will have luster and will not shed because the cuticles are still intact 
  • and also will take color very well

That is what i'm talking about when I say it's an INVESTMENT. You get MORE bang for your buck!

Now I understand if you may not have the funds sometimes to invest in hair even if  it may be the best option. I get it! I can't even count the countless hours of searching the web for cheap bundles and reading through the comment sections looking for good reviews just to get the hair and still be disappointed when I finally wore it. 

I've spent hundreds of dollars on hair trying to get the "cheapest deal" but it pays in the end to invest in yourself and that goes for anything in life. <3 





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